Pokemon Gen 3 Remakes Confirmed! Release Date Revealed!

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This is the moment all Pokemon fans have been waiting for. Generation 3, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are being remade and they are out in November on the 3DS

Until very recently, Generation 3 remakes have been a matter of speculation since the release of Pokemon X & Y. Well, lets just say, kudos to all of those speculators because Gamefreak have just confirmed Gen 3 remakes! Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have both been confirmed by both Nintendo and Gamefreak!

Gamefreak have decided to give us something that all fans alike will be able to experience and enjoy, and almost everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for Pokemon. Gen 3 remakes which have been anticipated for, well, forever! certainly sound like something that is going to win back some Nintendo's lost fans. After all, the previous remake of Generation 2; Heart Gold and Soul Silver have been 2 of the most successful pokemon games to date, Gen 3 being one of the most anticipated remakes by fans is likely to be incredibly successful and Pokemon is one of the biggest games on Nintendo's platforms.

We expect to see a lot more at E3 and are confident that Gamefreak will show off what they have been working on, since the game is set to release worldwide during November this year. But as for now, here is a quick reveal trailer.

Pokemon fans! are you excited? We are! And YES, this is real even if it sounds too good to be true... Be sure to let us know what you think, we are very interested and will keep you updated. Oh, and one more thing... Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? Do you think they will remake Emerald?

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