Talisman - the fantasy board game now available for iOS devices

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Revisit the hugely successful Talisman fantasy board game on your iPad.

Talisman is a fantasy board game that’s been around for over 30 years. Now in its fourth edition Talisman has become massive and is loved not only for it’s ever-expanding fantasy universe but also for it’s simplified rule-set making it easily accessible to board-gamers who may be put off by fantasy games that are difficult to learn.

A bit like Dungeon’s and Dragons meets Monopoly you play from a stock of fantasy characters on a race to be first to the Crown of Command where the powerful Command spell can be cast on your opponents, eventually killing them off and making you the victor. As with typical board games all outcomes, your movement, your attack in battle and in game events are determined by dice rolls. To give you a better chance in fights and to gain enough strength to face the final challenges leading up to the Crown of Command you ‘level-up’ your character RPG style by winning fights, gaining items and followers and completing challenges. To add to the random gameplay outcomes you draw cards that determine what happens to you on your adventure. These can be good or bad and even the most skilled of players can be brought down if the fate of the cards and the dice doesn't favour them.

None may gain entry to the Crown of Command without a Fabled Talisman to protect you from fiery peril and with Talismans being a rare commodity in the Talisman world your prime quest is to find one (and not lose it)

Developers Nomad picked up Talisman in 2011 following a failed attempt from Capcom in 2008 to bring a Talisman game to consoles. After securing a licence from Games Workshop the PC version of Nomad’s Talisman: Digital Edition debuted in October last year and now it has recently launched for iOS 7.

Talisman: Digital Edition brings all the fun of the original game to your PC or tablet and can be played solo against the game AI or by up to 4 players. Apple gamers can pick up Talisman at the Apple App Store for £4.99 ($6.99) and get the game bundled with the first Reaper expansion that adds the infamous Grim Reaper to the game

Nomad have also announced that they will be bringing more digital versions of the many Talisman board game expansions to the Digital Edition community soon. There are currently nine expansions available for the board game which although making the game epic can lead to some very long gaming sessions.

Below is a trailer. Please join in with your comments, are you a Talisman fan? Do you like the idea of a digital version or should this stay strictly board game?

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