Bound by Flame: Companions - details and screenshots

Bound By Flame Cover

Spiders have released the details of the Companion NPCs in Bound by Flame along with some screens.

Bound by Flame will be with us on May 9th and to keep up the buzz we’ve got some details of the Companions that you can enlist to join you on your adventure against the Ice Lords. Companions serve as story devices, how you interact with them changes their relationship with you and great friendships or rivalries can be played out in the plot. Companions also serve as support NPCs to aid you in battle. Each has a different set of abilities to choose from to suit how you prefer to play in combat. Like to get stuck in and take it to the mob? You can choose a healer to back you up and keep you going. Prefer to stand on the periphery flinging spells? You can get a tank to act as a meat shield. There’s even crowd control Companions that can charm enemies and turn them against their own.

 Bound By Flame Sybil

Sybil, the young mage

Provides excellent long-distance back-up and uses a special skill that enables her to heal you during combat


Bound By Flame Randval

Randval the warrior

Excels at hand-to-hand combat and will divert the attention of your opponents, leaving you free to attack safely and to cast your devastating fire spells!


Bound By Flame Rhelmar

Rhelmar the elf

Is an expert in ranged combat and will rain arrows down on your enemies while you charge into the heat of the melee

 Bound By Flame Edwen

The witch, Edwen

Has mastered certain hitherto unknown dark and mystical arts. She is able to devastate adversaries at long range with powerful magic spells, and can temporarily take control of an enemy’s mind and turn it against their allies


Bound By Flame Mathras


Is no ordinary undead... more ancient than the Ice Lords themselves, Mathras has perfected the art of swordsmanship and melee combat over the last several thousand years. Like Edwen, he can also reverse the allegiance of an opponent for a short period using his willpower alone!


There's a few options for you to try out with the Companions. Edwen and Mathras are looking particularly useful  when you're outnumbered, there's various long range damage options and of course the all-vital healer, we think a lot of players will want to stay in Sybil's good books. 

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