The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is psychological thriller/natural horror adventure game. Its in development for PC and Next Gen and is set to release this year.

As an occult detective, Paul Prospero has supernatural abilities granting him the ability to visualize the final moments of crime scenes sets out on an investigation regarding a kidnapping of a young child called Ethan Carter after receiving a letter from him explaining that he is in danger.

Upon arriving at Ethan’s hometown the detective discovers something incredibly disturbing. Ethan has disappeared after a brutal murder and the kidnapper is dead. The detective must work fast and uncover mysteries to save the missing child before it is too late and must use the environment and his supernatural abilities to find out what happened.

The game combines elements of psychological thriller with that of natural horror which has been described as “weird horror” focusing on the humanity of the characters, mood and atmospheric elements of both the characters and environment and there is a contrasting mixture of beauty, life death, horror and macabre. The intention is not to cause terror, but to maintain an eerie unsettling atmosphere full of mystery.

Although the game is being produced for PC the developers have stated that “we’re hoping to eventually bring it to next-gen platforms.” There is no release date yet but the game will be released this year.

Here is the official reveal trailer

Here is gameplay footage

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