Upcoming games for PlayStation - May 2014

Watch Dogs

May is nearly upon us and for anyone looking for new PlayStation games here’s what’s coming out next month on PS3 and PS4.

Two things Sony boast are the wealth of games they’re bringing to next gen and their love and continual support for indie titles. For PS4 gamers waiting on big titles the steady trickle of little games is there although the list of AAAs getting set-back until 2015 is steadily growing, meaning less killers to the fillers. May is bringing in some top-tier stuff for PS4 however and with these titles also coming to PS3 they’ll be some points of comparison for the two generations.

Coming to PS4 in May

MLB 14: The Show - PS4 May 6th

MLB 14 is already out on PS3 and Vita with the PS4 version benefitting from some enhancements. Sony’s premium baseball sim is in its ninth version and still going strong. Taking cues from FIFA games MLB draws from well known baseball pundits to voice the commentary and throws in a rocking soundtrack to nod along to. Even if you’re not into baseball you can appreciate this game as a sports sim for next gen that’s setting a graphical benchmark. A Video is below going into the PS4 enhancements.

Transistor - PS4 May 20th

Coming from Supergiant games the devs behind the critically acclaimed Bastion, Transistor is a top-down 2D Isometric sci-fi RPG with a few fun little perks that give an almost puzzle-like element to the combat. You play Red who is granted very handy time freezing ‘planning mode’ abilities with her Trusty Transistor. In Fights Red can freeze foes in time and then plot a series of moves dependant on a power bar to pull off a chain of attacks when time restarts. You have to wait for your power bar to fill before you can freeze again and once used action goes back into real time so you have to plot ahead. The Transistor can be used in other ways to overcome challenges outside of combat. Presented with some beautiful music against a dark neon cityscape that uses a Bioshock-esque merging of past styles in a futuristic setting, Transistor has plenty of soul and interesting gameplay that’s so far exclusive to PS4 as far as consoles go.


Coming to PS3 and PS4 In May 

Sportsfriends - PS3/PS4 May 8th

A collection of local multiplayer indie party games, some retro looking and some using move controllers. Do you know who your sportsfriends are? You’re about to find out, although playing Johann Sebastian Joust will require a bit of room. The trailer is below.

Bound by Flame - PS3/PS4 May 9th

Stuck on PS4 without a decent RPG? check out Spiders’ small but very promising RPG Bound by Flame which we’ve detailed here. A bit along the lines of the Bioshock/InFamous, ‘shall i be good or bad?’ scenario you can choose to roll as a fire-wielding pyromancer but doing this turns you into a demon and people tend to shun demons. Choose to rely more on your weapon skills and you’ll be revered as a hero. If you’re unsure which you’d rather be Bound by Flame will have different plotlines that change with your choices so you may well be playing this through at least twice to find out whether Hero or Demon feels best.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - PS3/PS4 May 20th

We’ve been making a fair bit of noise about Wolfenstein and in May we’re getting to play it. Take a husky,whey-protein-pumped B.J. Blazkowicz on a mech-nazi killing spree checking out his new leaning and combat slide mechanics, the semi-destructive game environments and a smattering of bad german accents on the way. There’s a stark steampunky flavour to The New Order with big powerful guns, something for everyone, especially Wolfenstein fans.

Watch Dogs - PS3/PS4 May 27th

There’s only a week to get stuck into Wolfenstein before the next big AAA title hits the consoles. Watch Dogs has been scrutinized, discussed and pondered at great length in the gaming world. If this has passed you by then Watch Dogs is a big graphically spectacular open world action adventure that plays on the themes of surveillance and control. Play as Aiden Pearce a city surfing, high-tech hacking spook that can control parts of his city environment with technology adding a futuristic sparkle to an action adventure game that could be described as Assassin’s Creed for the information generation with a healthy portion of 1984 thrown in.


Coming to PS3 in May

Drakengard 3 - PS3 May 21st

A couple of Japanese imports are coming for fans of anime and JRPGs. The first Drakengard 3 continues Square Enix’s Drakengard saga, a big hit in Japan. Follow Zero an ernigmatic women who befriends a dragon named Mikhail to take out her five sisters. If you love beautifully animated manga cutscenes, hardcore hack and slash RPGs and cool airborne dragon fighting then check this out.

Mugen Souls Z - PS3 May 23rd

Mugen Souls Z is the follow-up to the popular Mugen Souls and plays on the small and cute game character with godlike powers in a higfaluting game-world idea. Play Syrma the successor to Mugen Soul’s Chou-Chou and enjoy 9,999 level-caps and a billion point damage hits. A US Trailer is below.

As ever there’s also going to be a flow of games for both PS3 and PS4 coming through for the PS+ instant games colelction. We’ve talked about the ones we know are coming here. We’ll keep you posted on new arrivals and also what the mighty Vita gamers can expect to pick up in May.

Are you getting excited by any of the games coming for the PlayStations in May? Please use the comments below to have your say.

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