The Stackable Dining Chair

Ercol Originals Stacking Chair

I'm turning my unused living room into a dining room, and can't get a night at Julie's Restaurant on Portland Road out of my mind.

Ercol Originals Stacking Chair

It was my birthday, and I was turning 32. We had a table for 24, and all of my friends were there. The table was massive, and we were all seated together. It was dark, it was hazy, and it was fun.

Unfortunately, I can't fit a 20-foot dining table in the room. And fortunately, I don't have to cook for 24 very often. But I am going to put a 10-foot table in the room, and a few times a year, it will be full (and as fun as Julie's). A larger number of times it will be partially full. And in order to be accommodating, I'd like the seating to be flexible. I certainly don't want empty chairs at the table. (And just think how romantic a large table set for two can be.)

I would also like to avoid schlepping around large, ugly dining chairs, so I'm focussed on stackable dining chairs. And you lucky UK residents have the coolest one on the market, available just down the street.

It's made by Ercol, a British company whose mid-century-designed pieces are still manufactured. This particular chair, which is a delightful reminder of a vintage school chair (only in much better shape), is available at The White Company (£295).

So, will I be ordering 12 from the New York stockist, or the Los Angeles stockist?

Ercol Stacking

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