The Forest: Creepy new screenshots

The Forest Gameplay

The Forest is an upcoming open world survival horror exclusive to PC...

Following the events after a plane crash, which you were aboard, you soon realize that you are stuck on an island engulfed by a large forest. A problem arises upon awakening from unconsciousness, the bodies in the wreckage have gone missing.

The island is home to a group of cannibals and you will find yourself fighting for your very survival against them. There is no diplomatic solution, you have to fight. But you don't have to kill your enemies and learning when to spare lives could play an important role. The cannibals are nocturnal so you will be safe to explore during the day, just try to avoid caves.

A dead shark? Lets stay out of the water.
The Forest Dead Shark

What the hell is that?
The Forest

Looks like we are in trouble!
The Forest

Do you think we should let them live?
The Forest

This is our plane, where are the bodies?
The Forest

Are you sure you want to murder him?
The Forest Gameplay

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