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Watch Dogs

Watch dogs is the largely anticipated third person action/shooter where the city is your weapon.

All data is interconnected and people become more and more dependent on technology as it advances. But the big question is, who runs the computers this data depends on? That is exactly what watchdogs is about; Information Warfare. The game is set in an alternate version of Chicago, Illinois which is one of the many cities that depends on a supercomputer, to which all technology is connected to. This is called the CtOS, and this can be hacked...

Aiden Pearce, an experienced hacker is in control of a device that can control any technology connected to the CtOS, the city itself is his weapon. But with great power also comes great responsibility. How Aiden decides to use this power will effect the world around him. You could chose to be a public terror and use this power to exploit information for your own gain. You could alternatively use this power to watch of the city and its people as it's guardian in the shadows, Chicago can have its own Dark Knight. Your phone even has crime prediction technology, Batman himself would be impressed.

May 27th some of you will be playing this, are you excited? 
Below you will find some screenshots, mostly recent...

What do you think this guy did? Is that guy dead?
Watch Dogs

You shouldn't mess around on a train track... Unless you're Aiden!
Aiden can control trains...

Time for a fire fight...

Busted! Hacker Identified...
Watch Dogs

You're not alone, you are being hacked... Who do you think it is?
Watch Dogs Hacked

You are being watched...
Watch Dogs CCTV

Chicago's silent guardian...
Watch Dogs Silent Guardian

Whoops, did i mean to press that?
Watch Dogs

Little do they know that the container is about to make them 2-dimensional...
Watch Dogs

City Scenery, Night time
Watch Dogs

City Scenery, Daylight
Watch Dogs Screen 2

The game will launch next month, in the short time approaching its release it is likely that we will have more content. Stay tuned, we will share that with you.

Any thoughts? Drop a comment below and let us know what you're thinking.

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