A 30 year old videogame urban myth may finally be unearthed today!

If you’ve come across this article thinking that the truth is about to be revealed X Files style I’m afraid you might be a bit disappointed, however, read on if you will as today’s the day that a video game urban myth will finally beproved or disproved.

I reported a few days ago about a game so bad they had to bury it. The game in question is the Atari 2600 version of E.T the Extraterrestrial which was the licensed video game for the hit Steven Spielberg movie that came out around that time.

The game was reportedly so bad when it came out that it was sent back in its droves. its that bad as you’ll easily find it on lots of ‘worst games ever’ listed over the net. The game was expected to be finished in an unheard of six weeks, this when a game would typically take six months to make so that it could be out in time for Christmas. With this kind of time-scale the game was naturally besieged with glitches and bugs.  

Word got out about how awful the game was and lots of games didn’t get sold, how many, around three million (give or take).You see Atari who were expecting a bountiful return made millions of them as they expecting the demand to be high due to the huge success of the movie. However no one brought them. Whoops!

So what did they do with them? They buried them in a New Mexico landfill and went off to lick their financial wounds. Incidentally, this was part of the reason why their was the now infamous video game crash of ’83 which lead to Atari and others losing ground to Nintendo who went on to have their NES console in an unheard of (then and now) 80% of US homes a few years later.

So why is this buried game so important t people? Over time it has become something of an urban myth for gamers as no one really knew its exact location and today this will finally be laid to rest.

A film crew (who are making a documentary on the myth) has got permission to dig in the actual landfill where the games were buried and it happening right now. You can follow the action as it unfolds and see the latest pictures from the hoards of retro gamers and curios bystanders on Twitter by using any of the following hastags, #etdig and #atarilandfill.

We’ll also let you know as soon as we do too.

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