Spiders the devs behind Bound by Flame are a small outfit with an upcoming RPG getting plenty of hype

Bound by Flame isn’t your big free roaming open world Skyrim-style RPG, described by producer Walid Miled, the game-world is ‘hub-like’ with narrative led gameplay separated into chapters. Along the lines of games like Heavy Rain there’ll be a stock of different endings and storylines that develop from the choices you make as you progress.

You take the role of a Mercenary fighting off the threat of an undead army controlled by The Seven Ice Lords. Unfortunately for them you’ve been possesed by a fire demon granting you some nasty flame skills. Using your flames on enemies runs the risk of turning you demonic, level up your fire abilities and your character model starts letting off flames burning up your armour, making you weaker to hits but hardcore with nukes.

Essentially turning demonic is like rolling your character into a spellcaster, but in doing so this sends bad ripples into the plotline. Familiar enough will be the other two paths you can follow. either tank up with big swords and hammers or stealth it about as a ranger with faster speed/lower stamina. Going the non-demonic route maintains your humanity leading to more heroic outcomes.

 The three paths (Fighter, Ranger, Pyromancer) come with three different skill trees you can choose to progress through, each with their own super power at the top. In battle you can move between different stances that use skills from each tree giving you tools for situational combat.

Entwined into the storyline and the gameplay are several companions who will interact with you based on how demonic you’re going. You can develop rivalry. friendship and even romance with these NPCs adding extra plot twists. Each companion also offers you different support abilities in combat which you can choose to suit your prefered style.

Spiders are saying Bound By Flame will give 20-25 hours of gameplay. With the different variations in story to explore this could have you playing through again if you got sucked in on go one .Whilst you can say the background fluff is nothing game-changingly new for high fantasy RPGs the emphasis on player-led plotline will be something to explore although much of the games success will hinge on how well this engages you.

This all said there’s no hint so far of any lack of attention to detail, you certainly can’t say the graphics are subpar. I think there’s every reason RPG heads should want to try out Bound by Flames just to dive into the density of the story. It’s also a nice little filler while we wait for Dragon Age and the like. 

I’m going to be grabbing this to see just how hard it will be to resist going full-demon and ‘burnanating’ through the whole game, though of course I’m bound to, it will be interesting to discover how ending up the hero will compare and whether this means a tougher play-through. .

Bound by Flame is out on May 9th for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 with an Xbox One version a possibility later. Check out the intro trailer below. Is Bound by Flame an RPG you’ll be playing?

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