Pokemon: A Look Back at Generation 3

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Some may know Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald as rare, precious stones...Others know them as some of the most precious Pokemon games ever made.

For those whose childhood fell somewhere in-between the late 90's and early 2000's Pokemon is a game to be remembered. To this day it remains one of the largest video game franchises on Nintendo's Gameboy Advance alongside Super Mario, Metroid, Zelda and final fantasy; even comparable in popularity to individual titles such as Advanced Battles and Wario Ware.

Pokemon has definitely marked its place in gaming history as one of the most popular and most successful turn based RPG games ever and still continues to impress with X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS. Released over 11 years ago, one of the particular generations that stands out is Generation 3...

Generation 3 is arguably one of the best Pokemon generations of its time although it was not as popular in terms of sales as the original games Red/Blue/Yellow and its previous generation Gold/Silver/Crystal,

Generation 3 is well known by all Pokemon fans. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are quite literally jewels of the pokemon franchise; many fans are still impatiently waiting for remakes fingers crossed with anticipation. Pokemon fans would most probably find themselves overwhelmed with exhilaration if a remake was confirmed, that is of course on top of the nostalgia.

What makes generation 3 so special?

Upon selecting 'new game' you are briefed with a short introduction from a professor, shortly after this intro you will have the ability to choose whether you are male or female followed by choosing a name for your character; You may however be subject to occasional humor if you decide to have a deviant name. But i digress...

You start your adventure alone in the back of a lorry... I'll admit, a child alone in the back of a lorry might seem slightly suspicious, but not in this case. After exiting the lorry, the player finds themselves in a small town called "Littleroot Town" the player then proceeds into his/her new house and inside strange creatures are moving heavy boxes and providing domestic maintenance.

After visiting your next door neighboor you are then tasked with saving the proffessor from a wild pokemon attack. In doing this you recieve on of three pokemon from the proffessors bag. "Treecko" a grass type, "Torchic" a fire type or "Mudkip" a water type. After doing so you are rewarded with a Pokemon and can officially start your quest to challenge 8 gym leaders for gym badges so you can challenge the elite four and become the Pokemon champion.

Any Pokemon fan will be familiar with this consistent objective in each game, although the introduction in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald slightly differs from what we have seen in the original generation

However, things take a turn for the worst when the player is introduced to not one, but two notorius criminal organizations during his/her adventure. In Ruby and Sapphire, this is where the plot differentiates.

In Sapphire Team Aqua seek out the ancient orb to awaken a legendary pokemon of the sea, "Kyogre" with the intention of expanding the mass of sea in order to create new habitats for lifeforms in the water, the player will find themselves allied with Team Magma. When Kyogre is awakened with the red orb, an eternal storm threatens the entire region.

In Ruby, Team Magma seek out the ancient orb to awaken the legendary Pokemon "Groudon" to expand the land mass in order to create new habitats for lifeforms that belong on the land; the player will find them selves allied with Team Aqua. When Groudon is awakened with the blue orb, it becomes enraged and an eternal draught threatens the entire Hoenn region.

In Emerald however, the player is in for a harder time as both of the criminal organizations are pursuing their goals simultaniously and the player is tasked with taking down both organizations. When both of the legendary pokemon are awakened with the wrong orbs, Hoenn is not only endangered by a very unusual combination of a draught and storm, but both of the legendary pokemon become enraged and a conflict between them arises which endagers the entire Hoenn region. The player is the tasked with finding a third legendary pokemon; a dragon called "Rayquaza" to end the conflict between the two collosal creatures and restore balance to the weather.

Its a hard to explain what makes this generation so special, its a childhood experience for many former Pokemon fans and it is certainly very nostalgic. The region and the legendary pokemon can certainly take credit... But let's face it, who doesn't want to be a Pokemon master right? Hoenn is the perfect place to accomplish that dream.

Perhaps a remake of this generation will help explain why, if not then give it a go if you can.

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