Wildstar Warplots video shows off large scale PvP craziness

wildstar screen

Build your own base and summon dungeon bosses to fight on your side in 40 v 40 PvP Warplot events.

Carbine are putting plenty of well-thought-out player versus player perks in their upcomming sci-fi MMORPG Wildstar. For those that love some large scale PvP battles but don’t want to be constantly logged in, Wildstar will have Warplots.

Warplot matches will have 40 v 40 battles over resources where teams will fight out of their very own Warplot bases. Coming with loads of defensive and offensive add-ons called plugs you can customise your Warplot to include all manner of destructive toys: Mines, plasma cannons, attack ships, robots and even dungeon bosses can all be brought in to aid the cause.

You can either gather together 40 of your friends to start a Warparty and get a Warplot going or, if you’re up for some casual PvP fun, you can queue up to join a Warplot event as a mercenary and get allocated a space on a match based on your previous experience. .

Warparties gain War Coins to spend on Warplot customisation between matches, your Warparty gets rank bonuses and you get a personal rating that grants you Warplot specific rewards.

Each side’s Warplot has an energy bar which goes down at a speed dependant on which plugs you upgrade your Warplot with. Taking out Warplot mods, players and bosses can alter the speed the bar goes down. Get your opponent’s Warplot bar down to zero or capture all the resources on the map to win.

The video below is giving a tease of the large scale PvP action to be had. Warplots are going to give players plenty to get on with in PvP in contrast to more formal PvP arena events with a finality to matches that make them easy to jump in and play when you haven't got all night. Check out the video below, did we mention you can summon dungeon bosses to fight for you!

WIldstar’s landing on 3rd June, this is an MMORPG with some distinctly original flavours. Are you going to be playing Wildstar?

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