Outlast: could this be the scariest horror game yet? (NSFW)

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Recognized among many gamers as one of the scariest horror survival games, Outlast is a game you definitely want to pick up if you love the horror genre.

Player discretion is heavily advised as this game is not in any circumstance remotely suitable for children, there is heavy content in game such as nudity; alive, dead, (even the undead), necrophilia in certain places, massacred and mutilated bodies, disembodiment and torture. It is not for the weak hearted and there is a reason why this has been rated one of the scariest games in history. Its more than fair to say, "Prepare for a scare".

One of the "Best of E3 2013" nominations and awarded with the "most likely to make you faint" honour, Outlast is by far one of the scariest horror games to date. Outlast is a first person, horror-survival game set in an asylum. However, unlike some of the defensive privileges you may have seen in various other horror titles, in this game you won't have any weapons, in fact all you have is your camera's night vision as a source of light; the battery of course will frequently run out of charge keeping you searching for spare batteries to prevent yourself from being plunged into the pitch black darkness. Your only options are to sneak, run or hide and hope you are not found; there is no punching or shooting your way through this game.

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You play as Miles Upshur, a freelance journalist tasked with reporting an incident at mount massive psychiatric hospital. Miles is not a fighter; You won't be walking into the asylum armed to the the teeth, as mentioned you are unable to actually punch your way through; the only combat sequences are scripted and merely involve the player pushing away an enemy. So using the environment to hide from your enemies is a major theme in this game. You are always very vulnerable.

Miles is however, able to use his surroundings to his advantage. He can crawl and slide through gaps, climb ledges to get away from enemies, and to avoid or escape encounters, he can hide underneath beds, in lockers, behind objects, and in dark areas.

You begin the game in a car heading towards the asylum. Upon breaking into the asylum through climbing into a window, Miles finds many members of the staff completely mutilated and loose inmates roaming around the building. After finding an impaled, dying S.W.A.T officer who tells him that he needs to get out of the asylum while he still can, Miles realizes that he is in a lot of danger. One of the first inmates he is introduced to is Chris Walker who throws him off of the balcony onto the bottom floor. Moments later he is awakened by a mad, non-violent inmate called "Father Martin" who believes he is a priest.

Miles seeks out an escape from the building, but when opening the security doors from the control room, he is ambushed by Father Martin who injects him with a tranquilizer and indicates that Miles needs to stay and witness the events in which are occurring within the asylum. Security footage reveals that the asylums security forces were slaughtered by a strange supernatural creature which the inmates call "The Wallrider". Upon passing out from the tranquilizer, Miles is carried away to the asylums holding cells.

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A lot of mount massive will be pitch black and instead of a flashlight, the player will have to use the night-vision camera to navigate. The ultimate goal is to investigate mount massive and survive, maintaining your own life and the life of your battery level for your camera.

Below is the official launch trailer.

The game is available on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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