All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go

All Dressed Up

Having just landed on my outfit for a wedding this weekend, I was totally in the mood to read how other women get ready for big events.

Can you believe that 25% of women who replied to this survey (commissioned by admitted to attending an event for the free meal? And almost half went to ‘people watch’? (Clearly these people have too much time on their hands.)

And that 50% of Londoners have more fun getting ready for a party than attending the party itself? (Clearly these people need more time on their hands.)

Not so with those from Cambridge and the East of England — 71% of them prefer the party to the preparations.

Furthermore, more than one-third of the respondents start preparing for a special occasion up to a week in advance, and a quarter of them wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice. (Yet it’s OK for Kate, who work the same black Alice Temperley lace gown to the War Horse premiere last year, as a Natural History Museum event this month.)

Scottish women only take 40 minutes to get ready. Northern Irish women take 80.

And age matters: women in their 20s who are picking their outfits are 30 times more likely to be influenced by celebrities than women who are 55. (We don’t want to age ourselves faster than necessary, but don’t you kind of want to identify with the 55-year-old on this one?)

And let me leave you on a cautionary point: The large majority of respondents felt that a streaky tan was the biggest summer beauty faux pas around. (Don’t get it wrong.)