Our weekly roundup of goings on in the indie scene that grabbed our attention

It wasn’t just about Facebook buying out a Kickstarter this week. Here’s some other happenings in indie games-land we found intriguing, entertaining or otherwise.

Legends Of Persia

Launching their Kickstarter this week Sourena Game Studio seek $3.000 to finish up the development of Legends of Persia. This is an action RPG for PC promising Diablo style gameplay with a fair sized item database to match. Legends of Persia took an upcoming indie game award last year and has just been greenlit on Steam. Check out the gameplay trailer LoP looks like it ticks a lot of boxes, a very ambitious attempt we think.

Arcade Video Games Quiz

We’re not quite sure what message the Arcade Video Games Quiz trailer is trying to get across but there’s some very good hand acting. How much do you love arcades? reads the tagline for Arcade Video Game Quiz released this week by Spanish indies Undercoders. We love arcades a lot but a great deal more than we love caressing circuit boards. AVGQ is free on iOS here and the trailer is below it made us chuckle, it really leaves you wanting to know more.

Insomniac Games celebrate 20 years

The indie studio behind Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank,celebrated 20 years in the business with their very own rock video. Inspiring stuff to see an independant last it out so long. Insomniac Games are currently working on an Xbox One exclusive open-world shooter Sunset Overdrive. Below is the Insomniac team rocking some wigs and below that the Sunset Overdrive trailer.



The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Screenshots.

Eight man team The Astronauts announced their macabre adventure for PC The Vanishing of Ethan Carter .last year. Described by game designer Adrian Chmielarz as an ‘R-rated Dear Esther with gameplay,’ TVoEC places you in a game character that can visualize the final moments of anyone who’s been murdered and sounds full of promise for something new in interactive drama games. Some very impressive 3D capture screens have been doing the rounds. which we’ve shared for you, we’re very interested to play this one.



 Here’s the teaser trailer


Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter stretch goal

Showing newfound highs to their ambitions Frog Fractions 2 developers added a stretch goal to their Kickstarter where if they reached $2 Billion they will buy back Oculus Rift from Facebook. To bring back Oculus to it’s spiritual roots is a just and noble cause and one we admire. For those that missed Frog Fractions, the spoof educational game try it out here.

Any indie games news we’ve missed or that you’d like to share? Please use to the comment below if so. More Indie news next week. 

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