Indie Games roundup (March 23rd)

Dead Synchronicity 01

Our weekly pick of news and releases from the wonderful world of indie games.

Sometimes pioneering, often original, other tmes just plain silly. The humble indie game makers of the world are always throwing out some gems, here's a few that caught our eye this week.

Orion's Gold

Coming out for iPad this week, digiKhel’s Orion’s Gold sets you on a space mission to collect precious ore. To do this use your power balls to guide squadrons of tiny mining ships to asteroids before they explode. Add more power balls and you’ll attract more miners, mine all the ore from an asteroid before it’s timer runs out for a bonus. To make things more interesting some asteroids are cold and some are hot and mining too much of either blows up your ship. The action gets intense, your ship will blow up, but the compulsion to mine better keeps you hacking away. Orion’s Gold is a fun idea that’s quick to get into but punishing to master. The game is available here and there’s a trailer below.


Hover : Revolt Of Gamers

Fusty Games announced their upcoming kickstarter for Hover: Revolt Of Gamers this week. Taking elements from Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge, HROG gives you a hi tech suit which allows you to do some exteme parkour in a futurstic open world city. Whilst it’s not yet clear what platforms are getting HROG, there is mention early on of it’s suitability for Oculus Rift which has got us interested. Fancy leaping around and doing sick tricks across a sci-fi cityscape completely immersed in a VR headset? We do and we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. An alpa gameplay traier is below.

République Goes on Sale

Camouflaj are celebrating being awarded an award for Excellence in Storytelling from the IMGA (international mobile gaming awards) by offering République at the sale price of $2.99 on the Apple App Store up until 27th March. République is a stealth survival game for mobile set in an orwellian world of surveillance and control with cinematics and a plot line worthy of a major console title. République's had three solid months since release and plans for the second episode and PC/Mac versions of the original are underway. Here’s a trailer to give you a taste of what it’s alll about, check it out we think it’s well worth a play.

Tiny Touchdown

It seems that the floodgates have opened with the success of Fat Fish Studios’ Tiny Goalie. Hot on the heels of the annoyingly addictive ball stopping game comes Tiny Touchdown. It's the same drill except this time you stop american footballers crossing the touchline. We’re wondering which sport will be next to get the frantic shot-blocking miniaturisation treatment, perhaps Tiny Batsman? Tiny Touchdown came out this week on Android and iOS here’s the trailer.

Dead SynchronicityTomorrow comes Today

Fictiorama Studios are looking for Kckstarter funding and Steam Greenlight for their new 2D pont and clck adventure Dead Synchronicity. There’s a playable alpha demo up for grabs on rhe Kickstarter page. Set in a suitably bleak post apocalyptic world, Dead Synchronicity tells a gripping story dealing with concepts of time and memory, realised with some original artwork and music. We liked the stylings of Dead Synchronicity, fans of science fiction should spot the influences and point and click fans shouldn’t find this too easy. Go and check out the demo, we think there’s enough to it to make us want to see a finishhed game. Ficriorama plan to have Dead Synchronicity out for PC and Mac in 2014 and tablets in 2015

That's all for this week but there's always plenty going on in Indie-land and we'll have some more for you soon. In the meantime we'd love to hear about your indie gems, what indie games have got you hooked over the years? 

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