Former Microsoft employee arrested over Windows 8 leaks

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A former Microsoft employee has been arrested in Seattle, accused of leaking Windows 8 to a tech blogger.

Alex Kibkalo, once a software architect for the Redmond, Washington-based company, sent the French blogger parts of Windows 8 code, as well as the kit required to activate the software, according to the charging papers. The blogger then posted screenshots of the unreleased software online.

Although the blogger only posted screenshots of Windows 8 (which spread widely online), Kibkalo also stands accused of encouraging them to post the activation kit, a key part of Microsft’s anti-piracy system.

“I would leak enterprise today probably,” Kibkalo reportedly told the unnamed journalist.

The blogger responded with: “Hmm… Are you sure you want to do that? Lol,” and warned Kibkalo that the leak would be “pretty illegal”.

Kibkalo allegedly responded with “I know :)”

The engineer was caught after the blogger emailed Microsoft to confirm the authenticity of the leaked Windows 8 code. Investigators at the firm then reportedly looked through the blogger’s hotmail account and instant messenger chats to identify the source of the leak, and found an email from Kibaklo.

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