Titanfall 2 to be published by EA, and may come to PS4!

Titanfall Screen 1

Rumours surface of a Titanfall sequel, with the potential of appearing on other consoles.

Rumours have surfaced that EA is to publish Titanfall 2, according to a reputable source speaking to GameSpot. The source also said that the game’s sequel being published by EA was contingent on Titanfall being a success. And I think we can safely assume that Titanfall has been just that.

"We do not comment on rumor or speculation. Right now all our focus is on supporting all the fans worldwide enjoying Titanfall,” an EA representative informed GameSpot.

Over on Polygon, sources told them that Titanfall 2 would not be a Microsoft exclusive, which means that we could be seeing the next game released on Sony consoles too.

Titanfall was one of our most anticipated games of 2014 for Xbox One, and it definitely seems to have lived up to the hype. But if you've ever wondered how much better life would be if you owned a Titan, take a look at the trailer below.

Have you played Titanfall? Would you like the IP to come to Sony and Nintendo consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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