Ride Crazy Taxi for free on Andriod and iOS whilst you still can

Crazy Taxi

The nice people over at Sega have decided for a limited time only to make the arcade and Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi free for a limited time only!

Crazy Taxi, a game that shouted ‘play me’ when it came out in the arcades back in 1999 has been available for a while now on both Apple and Androids app stores respectively so its nice that what was a premium priced mobile game now available for free, however you need to be as quick as the timer on the game as its only going to be like this for limited time only.

If you haven’t played Crazy Taxi then where have you been all these years! The premise is simple, yet compelling and addictive; Pick up a fare paying passenger and get him, her, it or them to their destination as quickly as possible, repeat ad infinitum or more likely until the timer runs out.

Now you may think, driving fares around doesn’t sound much fun, however this is an arcade game so to get extra tips you will be rewarded for creatively driving them to their destination i.e. Just missing oncoming traffic, doing crazy, stunts, jumps and generally going as fast as possible. Crash and you get moaned at by your passenger, get them to their destination and you’ll get more time added on. When the timer runs out (which it inevitably will do) your driving skills, money collected and score are ranked and you start all over again.

It can be pretty intense and whilst it kept the coins flowing in to the arcade machine the original home release (like most arcade conversions) lacked the obvious depth but was still fun for a quick blast every now and again.

So a mobile version makes for an ideal playground for snatching limited bursts of The Offspring and Bad Religion punk rock infused, blue sky California style taxiing escapades doesn’t it? Whilst the controls are a bit tricky on a touch screen (where most console conversions fail upon) it does look pretty much arcade perfect and all the main elements are there so its definitely worth getting right now if you can just for the fact that this is a piece of arcade history that you will enjoy.

There is a reason why the game is free and this deserves a special mention. Sega are releasing a sequel later on in the year, meanwhile make the most of this free game whilst you can and if you like it you'll probably be wanting said sequel when it comes out.

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