Our new feature series focusing on recent news from the world of indie games.

It’s not always about behemoth titles and indie games developers aren’t just out there making Flappy Birds clones. Here’s some interesting titbits that caught our eye from the weeks independent games news.

Shards (Working title)

Citadel Studios, the team behind the project codenamed Shards, combines some 40 years of experience in online RPGs. Founded by Derek Brinkmann, Chris Ondrus and Tim Cotten, Citadel have collectively worked on some stand-out titles including the Elder Scrolls series, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online. Reading through the mission statements on Citadel’s site makes it clear these guys understand online RPGs and where they are heading. Shards will take the form of a player driven online sandbox game where you’ll be able to, ‘create and run your own MMO, set your own rules, and play how you want to play.’ Expect the rich lore of a fantasy RPG with Minecraft style player made environments in a community focused game that won’t cost you an arm and a leg or a new PC. There’s not much to show you at the moment but the product page is here and there’s a teaser video below.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery comes to Android

Those that are either old or high-level geek enough (or both) will recognise the legendary name of Steve Jackson, who way back in the day along with Ian Livingstone pioneered Choose Your Own Adventure books. Interactive book creators Inkle have brought out the digital version of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery for Android devices this week, it’s already out for IOS. Let your decisions make the story, without the need for pen, paper and dice – although did anyone ever bother rolling dice for battles with the old Fighting Fantasy books?

This War of Mine

A bold new take on the war game genre, This War of Mine focuses not on the activities of soldiers but on civilians caught up in the fight. Experience the bleak consequences of war from within a besieged city in a survival game realised with some cool comic book styled artwork This War of Mine comes from Polish indies 11 bit Studios and will be coming to PC and mobile devices. Check out the teaser trailer.


The ‘shiny twisty puzzle game’, Prismatica comes from one man indie studio Loomus Games. Go here to try it out. We had a play and found it to be a good addictive puzzler with a nice original idea. Have a go it gets quite tricky, quite quickly. There’s a game play video below.

Frog Fractions 2

Frog Fractions is just brilliant you can play it here and we highly recommend you do. Developer Jim Crawford is making a new game currently looking for kickstarter funding. We’re not quite sure of any of the details of Frog Fraction 2 as yet but the game is heralded as ‘your child’s only hope for a future.’ well worth a pledge on that alone.

That’s all for this week but we’ll be back with more from the diverse and colourful world of Indie Games next week. Anything on the list that’s got your interest?

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