Upcoming PS4 games 2014 (Part Two)

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We’ve got some more PS4 titles set for release this year that are getting us excited - check them out.

Welcome to part two of our series on upcoming PS4 games and what a bunch of good-looking games we have to show you. So, without further ado...

Driveclub - TBA 2014

Driveclub was shown at E3 last year and was hotly anticipated at the PS4 launch but sadly it’s currently running late. The word from Sony is that the game has “gone back to the drawing board” and no solid due date is available as yet. Encouragingly the first-party developers Evolution Studios appear to be working to bring a fully tweaked and polished game to market. Driveclub promises to give gamers the ability to buddy-up, make their own racing guilds and challenge others worldwide. This is bound to make for some epic racing action, so let’s hope it’s not too much longer coming. There’s a noticeable gap to fill in the premium racing game category, Project Cars and Need for Speed Rivals are both due out in the Autumn and currently there’s no due date for Gran Tourismo 7. Just check out this trailer though, there’s something inexplicably seductive about a really beautifully rendered racer and Driveclub certainly fits that mould.

Watch Dogs - May 27th 2014

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s open-world adventure for the information age, places you in the shoes of master-hacker Aiden Pearce. By hacking into electronic devices you’ll be able to affect the world; stealing from bank accounts, getting inside info on game characters and generally making the modern city environment your plaything. Fights come down to your stealth and cover-based third person shooter skills and there’s even a bit of parkour thrown in. The game also features asynchronous multiplayer action, where others can anonymously invade your game world Dark Souls style. Those put off by this will be able to turn this mode off we’re told. What did we do before we had smartphones? Watch Dogs may just make you want to find out. It’s a great looking game too, here’s a gameplay trailer.

The Order: 1886 - Autumn 2014

Like Infamous and Driveclub, The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive title and one that looks (like a first-party game should) to really make the PS4 shine. Set in an alternate steampunk inspired version of Victorian London, the game centres around four main protagonists from an ancient order going back centuries to the time of King Arthur. Join the order as they are embroiled in a three way power struggle between the ruling upper classes, the ever-present half-breed monster baddies and the uprising lower echelons of society. This game looks to have it all; mystery, action, overpowered steampunk weapons and a stunningly realised, atmospheric ‘pea-souper’ backdrop. Here’s a demo trailer, looks rather good wouldn’t you say?

Dying Light - TBA 2014

Dying Light comes from Techland the makers of Dead Island. Continuing the Zombie survival game scenario you’re placed in an open world where ‘infected’ bad guys turn extra hardcore at night. Scrabble around through the shanty-town setting by day, helping out the occasional survivor whilst gathering supplies to keep you going and buff up your weapons ready for the night time onslaught. Dying Light also promises four player online multiplayer and split screen options and the added functionality of being able to distract Zombies by shouting into your headset or camera mic. It’s good to see Techland having another crack at a Zombie Horror game. Dead Island was a lot of fun, if a little glitchy at points.

Evolve - TBA 2014

Turtle Rock, the developers behind Left 4 Dead will allegedly bring out their new Sci-Fi shooter Evolve in the third quarter this year. Whilst we still wait to hear about the single player campaign the aspect of Evolve that’s got our interests piqued  is the four-on-one multiplayer mode. Take four guys, deck them out with mech-armour and power weapons and pit them against a fifth player controlling a alien beastie that can evolve into an all-powerful uber monster. Sounds and looks so much fun, check out the trailer.

Well folks, that’s all for now but worry not, there’s plenty more to come and if you’re looking for games that are coming out sooner then check out part one.

Are any of these titles getting you excited? Please feel free to add your comments below.

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