Torquay United midfielder Joss Labadie has been banned for 10 games after being found guilty of biting an opponent

The incident took place nearly a month ago in Torquay’s 3-1 defeat to Chesterfield on the 15th February. Labadie was not punished during the game and denied the charge.

However he has been found guilty and will serve the same suspension as Luis Suarez after he famously bit Chelsea’s Bransislav Ivanovic towards the end of last season. It hasn’t affected Suarez much though in terms of his success on the pitch. He is arguably enjoying the best season of his career.

Perhaps it did affect him to the extent that he knows he must focus on his game now and not get caught up in anything similar which can allow the media to fill the newspapers with. He has stayed clear of any controversies this season and Liverpool are seeing the benefits from that. 

Whilst the Suarez and Ivanovic incident was caught live on TV and seen across the world the Labadie situation only really arose after the game. Chesterfield’s Ollie Banks formerly of FC United made the allegations on Twitter and the case was then investigated.

Torquay believe it is hard to convict Labadie of any wrongdoing with no concrete evidence though.

Boss Chris Hargreaves told BBC Radio DevonIt’s a denial from the club and from myself of any wrongdoing. From what I’ve seen, I don’t know how they can get to that conclusion.”

Joss Labadie will also have to pay a fine of £2,000 and has until Monday, 17th March if he wants to appeal the ban. The ban would effectively see the former West Bromwich Albion player ruled out of the rest of the season which would be a huge blow for the Gulls.

He only joined the club permanently from Notts County in January after previous loan spells with the club. His temporary spell at the club last year helped them stave off relegation as he scored four goals in seven games.

Torquay United were hoping he could have a similar impact this season. They are in deep trouble in League Two, seven points away from safety with just eleven games left to play.

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