Upcoming PS4 games 2014 (Part One)

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We’ve been diligently covering upcoming Xbox One games, so in the interest of being neutral we thought we’d let PS4 gamers in on what’s on the way.

If, like some, you’re not waiting for Uncharted 4 and you've already got your PS4 then you’re going to need some games so read on!

Coming up are some huge PS4 titles with due dates on the horizon.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - 21st March

The prologue taster of the much bigger Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which may not come along until 2016. This is likely to have MGS fans wanting more very quickly but it is MGS and sneaking about to take guys out is always good fun. PlayStation players will also be treated to an exclusive ‘classic’ mission where you get to replay Snake as he used to look, he was a lot more fresh-faced back in the day.

Infamous: Second Son - 21 March

The good ending for Infamous 2 didn't wipe out all the Conduits (superhuman channellers of power) and now the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) seeks to hunt them down. Taking up the mantle from Cole MacGrath we find Delsin Rowe a slacker and budding political activist that discovers he can absorb other Conduits powers. Where you take it from there is up to you. Choose to be the hero or the merciless super bad-guy, or both with a couple of play-throughs. Sucker Punch’s first PS4 title is already reported to have pre-orders outnumbering the Last Of Us and looks set to be the first big PS4 smash hit title. It’s certainly making use of the PS4’s new graphics, check out the gameplay trailer.

Daylight - 8th April

Try and escape from a creeped-out hospital with just your mobile phone, some flares and your legs to run the hell away from the malevolent nasties that are on your tail. Daylight from Zombie Studios can randomly generate content and encounters making each play through different and looks set to keep horror fans on their toes. There are also plans for Daylight to tap into live streams allowing viewers to control the scares a player will experience, exploiting this sounds a lot of fun, if a little sadistic.

The Elder Scrolls Online - June 2014

PS4 gamers will get to watch The  Elder Scrolls Online PC reception before getting their hands on the Bethesda’s foray into the MMO world. We’ve been paying keen attention to the PC Beta and the PVP content looks to deliver. How the interface will transfer to console from mouse and keyboard is interesting to note. PCs always beat consoles at MMOs from my experience. Two things are certain; The Elder Scrolls series has a lot of console fans and MMOs are massively addictive. It may not be the next World of Warcraft but It’s going to be another nice looking PS4 title that’s for sure.

Murdered: Soul Suspect - 6th June

Settle the score of your own death from beyond the grave. A game concept boldy offering something away from the norm, sees you play deceased detective Ronan O'Connor’s ghost as he pieces together his own murder. The latest offering from Square Enix places the action against a suitably film noire-esque backdrop in the dark streets of Salem USA where your weapons are you supernatural ghostly powers and your enemies a bunch of demonic baddies that feast on the unfortunates sharing their limbo world. Looks very promising, it’s on my ‘to-play’ list.

So there’s a few new games we know with confirmed release dates. We’ll be back later with some more PS4 titles in the pipeline.

Are any of the games on the list getting you excited? Please use the comments below to let us know.

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