Upcoming PS4 games 2014 (Part Four)

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More titles arriving for PS4 this year that HITC expect to hit the games charts running.

As we enter the second quarter of 2014 some of the big anticipated titles are starting to get launch dates and at last  PS4 gamers are getting the chance to culture their games collections otherwise bereft of big AAA titles. Below are some PS4 releases currently generating their fair share of buzz. 

Wolfenstein: The New Order - May 20th

Wolfenstein: The New Order imagines what might have happened had the Nazis won World War II and it looks a whole lot worse than everyone speaking German. You’re up against some super-mean mech Nazi’s in this one and whilst gritty reality isn’t the name of the game with Wolfenstein: The New Order, we’re not too worried about this given that there will be the usual compliment of Nazi slaying you expect from Wolfenstein - now with the added benefit of shiny new graphics rendering B.J. Blaskowicz the biggest meat-head in the Wolfenstein series so far. Here's the trailer.

Batman: Arkham Knight - October 14th

Rocksteady's Arkham Knight is only coming to PS4 Xbox One and PC and as such is one of the titles looking to really push the boundaries of the 8th generation. The game-world attempts to recreate Gotham in it’s entirety, although conveniently the city has been evacuated. In size Arkham Knight’s play area will be 20 times bigger than Arkham Asylum. Fans of ‘Bats’ will be pleased to hear that Kevin Conroy is back to do the voice honours. Everything we’ve seen about the latest graphics says they are truly amazing and at long last you’re going to get to race around in the Batmobile! We expect this game to be setting standards for the latest consoles going forward and it's definitely a title to look out for. The Batman announcement trailer is below. 

Alien: Isolation - October 7th

We heard recently that Alien:Isolation has been given an announced due date in October. This is a title we are hoping will deliver on it’s promises. The Alien devs Creative Assembly are taking their cues from the original films (as well they should) for the latest Alien title. Tense survival horror with some proper scares are the order of the day and a lot of the feedback so far makes Alien Isolation sound very promising. The Alien hunter chasing you down in Isolation is going to have some reactive AI meaning you can’t rinse and repeat your fighting strategy because it will spank you for it. Making the Alien ‘intelligent’ in this way is aiming to give it a comparable presence to that of the films, this is a honed predator after all, not just a giant annoyance that turns up from time to time for you to shoot at. Chek out the trailer.

Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil Edition - TBA 2014

OK, so Diablo III is a port from the 7th gen version. But this game is huge and there’s no reason to expect it won’t be causing PS4 gamers to get excited. Blizzard are calling this the Ultimate Evil Edition and it’s going to have the Reaper of Souls Expansion bundled with the game. If you’ve played Diablo III on PS3 and you’re moving over to PS4 you will need to start the story off again, we’re sure Diablo fans won’t be put off by this. A trailer is below for your enjoyment. 

Destiny - September 9th

Bungie are being very ambitious with Destiny, the always-online, ‘shared-world’ shooter. Co-op matchmaking is going to be done on the fly with this game and whilst that opens up some interesting new avenues to explore, we hope the matching system in Destiny isn’t going to run the risk of hooking you up with 'greifing', player-killing goons that ruin the fun for the rest of the team. We’re interested to chart the success of Destiny and have gone into more detail on the game here. Below is the Destiny E3 trailer from last year. 

That’s all for now but we still have plenty more to excite and inspire. For more mammoth PS4 titles (some of which are already with us) please check out our previous PS4 features by following the links to part one, part two and part three.

Please do add your comments if you’re eagerly waiting for any of the games above.

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