XCOM style turn based strategy game X-Mercs Invasion coming to iOS

X Mercs Invasion

X-Mercs Invasion turn based strategy game coming soon to iOS. Could this be an XCOM beater?

The turn based strategy genre is a love it or hate it genre for many, with those who love it salivating and clamouring for information on any publisher who has one in development and X-Mercs Invasion from Game Insight is coming out on iPad soon may be one such game to look out for.

Set in 2040 where a new and powerful natural resource called Advinite is discovered. Two warring factions are fighting to gain control of the blue crystals the Red Dragon Union and the North Atlantic Defence Alliance.

Sounds a bit like Command and Conquer only turn based doesn’t it? Hang on though as there’s more.

As with any natural resource there are downsides to its use and over time Advinite’s radiation slowly changes the Earth and this radiation creates monsters that start to terrorise humanity so much so that humans have to barricade themselves in to giant megalopolises which are protected by invisible force fields to keep them at bay

Naturally, humanity adapts and whilst they get used to these new living conditions another stroke of bad luck (or good luck for gamers) happens in the guise of an alien invasion!

The government puts you are in charge of a private military company tasked with repelling the alien menace by building a base, gathering the best soldiers on the planet, researching advanced alien technology to use to your advantage and provide a level playing field as you repel the invaders.

Has the developer inadvertently created a turn based strategy game that has plot element from the RTS Command and Conquer and the grand master of all turn based strategy games, XCOM?

To be honest it sounds like it and I for one and pretty excited as turn based strategy games are ideally suited to touchscreen controls (I’m still waiting and hoping for the original 1994 XCOM game, UFO Enemy Unknown to come out on either Android or iOS)

There not much more I can say on X-Mercs Invasion yet apart from its available soon for iPad and there is a 30 second teaser/intro on Youtube at present and no gameplay footage. However if earth saving, alien repelling turn base strategy gaming is your thing then you might want to keep an eye on this because if the developer pulls it off you could be busy for quite a while which I’m sure you won’t mind one bit and I for one will be joining you.

image: © Game Insight

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