Goldman Tweeter kicks elevator when it's down

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Ouch! Below the belt ?

The New York Times reports that two weeks ago, with a huge online following and a new six-figure book contract, John Lefevre was riding as high as some of the Wall Street traders he parodied in his Twitter account, @GSElevator.

On Thursday Lefevre found his newfound success had unraveled like a bundle of toxic mortgages.

Lefevre had gained a measure of Internet fame with his biting, sardonic Twitter account, which supposedly conveyed conversations overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevator. The book contract came in January. All the while he remained anonymous.

13 Amusing Tweets from @GSElevator

But he was unmasked in late February, and it was further revealed that he had never officially worked at Goldman.In the face of a barrage of attacks on his credibility, his publisher stood by him. But on Thursday it reversed course and said it was canceling the book.

Lefevre probably wasn't best pleased to hear the news, but Goldman's social media team responded with this brutal Tweet:

But one investment banker told HITC: 'Goldman is entitled to its revenge, and is doubtless happy Lefevre has been outed as a non-employee. The book, however, would still have been an interesting read, so the publisher has probably missed a trick in cancelling the deal'.

Book Deal Falls Apart for Parodist of Goldman

13 Amusing Tweets from @GSElevator

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