@GSElevator - 'a reflection of Wall Street culture and mentality'

Elevator panel

Remaining anonymous as he posted on Twitter under the handle @GSElevator was simply a 'device', John Lefevre said on Tuesday, that allowed him to paint a broader picture of life on Wall Street.

The New York times reports that in a first-person post on the blog Business Insider, Lefevre said that the Twitter handle wasn’t even a single person, but an 'embodiment or aggregation of ‘every banker', a concentrated reflection of a Wall Street culture and mentality.”

Lefevre was identified last month as the author of the Twitter posts that purported to reveal the uncensored comments overheard in Goldman Sachs’ elevators. Lefevre, it turned out, was not a Goldman Sachs employee. Instead, he was a 34-year-old former bond executive in Texas — albeit one who had been offered a position at the fabled Wall Street firm.

Now, Lefevre, whose Twitter handle has already yielded a book deal, has decided to shed some light on his pretend life inside the Goldman elevator.

To access the complete New York Times article hit the link below:

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