The Lego Movie Videogame review – a familiar 3D puzzler with a Lego twist

Lego Movie

A game based on a film based on a series of games based on successful cinematic twists to a much-loved toy.

It certainly doesn't sound like a good basis for a quality product – but as with The Lego Movie, its gaming spin-off manages to sidestep the obvious pitfalls to provide a slice of building-block fun that will, remarkably, appeal to fans of the toy, film and past games alike.

Taking its lead from the games upon which the tenor of the film was based, the gameplay is a now familiar 3D platform-puzzler with a Lego twist. Blocks are manipulated to solve the tasks and a variety of characters have different skills enabling new areas of the world to be explored, with the likes of Batman featuring alongside the film's everyman hero Emmet as he seeks the Piece of Resistance. The plot sticks firmly to the movie, providing whopping spoilers for anyone yet to make the trip to the cinema.

The game does lack some of the appeal of its predecessors – this is no tongue-in-cheek look at the source material as has come to be expected – but if it can't quite live up to the film's soon-to-be ubiquitous "Everything is awesome!" catchphrase, it still easily surpasses the usual movie cash-ins.

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