Upcoming Xbox One Games 2014 (Part Two)

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We take a look at the next set of hot titles due for release on Xbox One this year.

On Monday we brought you the first part of our top upcoming Xbox One games for 2014, which you can view here. Today we’re bringing you part two, which contains a contender for most incredible looking RPG ever made, and an ambitious-sounding multiplayer racer. So, let’s begin!

Murdered: Soul Suspect – June 2014

Murdered: Soul Suspect casts you as Ronan O’Connor, a police detective in Salem Massachusetts. Killed during a burglarly, and now stuck in ‘Dusk’, a limbo world in the afterlife, Ronan must search the town to uncover the identity of his killer. Using supernatural abilities, like possessing humans, walking through walls, and teleporting – you’ll also have to do battle with demons who want to feast on your soul. Kind of like Columbo meets Ghost – sign me up!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 2014

The third and final instalment to Geralt of Rivia’s adventures in The Witcher game series – games for mature audiences, with captivating and deep story-telling, much-loved characters, and monster hunting! This time around we’re given a huge multi-region, free-roaming world to explore, and it looks gorgeous. It’s also set to host a living eco-system, where the world reacts to in-game events and player choices. Take a look at the trailer below, and tell me it’s not the sheer definition of beauty.


Alien: Isolation – Late 2014

After the utter disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, we’re hoping the next game in the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation, can give us some much deserved fan-service. From what we’ve seen it certainly looks and sounds like Aliens, but with a survival horror spin a la Amnesia or Outlast, which certainly lends well to the overall feel of suspense and fear when being hunted by a Xenomorph. Have a look at some screenshots over here.

Project Spark – Beta scheduled for February 2014

For the creative amongst you, Project Spark is the ‘create-your-own-game’, game. It’s currently in Beta for lucky Windows 8 users, with an Xbox One Beta scheduled for Feb 2014, although there are only a couple of days left in this month so it’s looking unlikely they’ll be sticking to that initial beta schedule. Sign up over at the website here.

Kinect Sports Rivals8 April 2014 US / 11 April 2014 UK

If you’re a fan of Kinect, then this could be the game for you. Kinect Sports Rivals will use the Xbox One’s Kinect to instantly scan and create a ‘stylized digital version of you’, say the developers, which will then be used to compete in the events around the tropical island setting. You can compete in football (soccer, for you folks overseas), climbing, wake racing, target shooting, tennis, and bowling events all in the comfort of your own home. Ah, convenience. Take a look at the World Environments video here.

The Crew – 2014

When The Crew was announced last year, it just sounded incredible – being able to drive across the entire United States, with thousands of square miles for you to explore and race in. The sheer scale of the map is awesome. And if it can live up to the promises, then The Crew could be a true breakthrough in the street-racing genre. You will race friends and rivals, trick out your cars, and drive through cities, suburbs, coastal beach areas, and snow-covered mountain peaks. The E3 walkthrough video below will show you exactly what the game is all about.

Part two, done. We'll have part three up before the end of the week, keep your eyes peeled.

Although the Xbox One is lacking in choice of games at the moment, there are some great looking titles to get excited about. If you haven’t done so already, check out part one of this series to see some chain-saw interrogation, huge mech action, and plant-killing zombies.

Which of the games above has you most excited? And are you as impressed as I am with The Witcher 3’s visuals? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © Microsoft

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