@GSElevator creator in shock unmasking - Goldman calls the dogs off

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The New York Times has solved the mystery behind the identity of the man behind the hugely popular Twitter account @GSElevator. His unmasking has proved to be something of a shock.

A three-year parlour game has been taking place on Wall Street to identify the Goldman Sachs employee behind a Twitter account that purports to reveal the uncensored comments overheard in the firm’s elevators.

The New York Times reports that the Twitter account, which has an audience of more than 600,000 followers, has been the subject of an internal inquiry at Goldman to find the rogue employee. The tweets, often laced with insider references to deals in the news, appeal to both Wall Street bankers and outsiders who mock the industry. Late last month, the writer sold a book about Wall Street culture based on the tweets for a six-figure sum.

13 Amusing Tweets From GS Elevator (SFW)

There is a good reason Goldman Sachs has been unable to uncover its Twitter-happy employee: He doesn’t work at the firm. And he never did.

The author is a 34-year-old former bond executive who lives in Texas. His name is John Lefevre. He used to work for Citigroup.

Hit the link below to access the complete New York Times article:

@GSElevator Tattletale Exposed (He Was Not in the Goldman Elevator)

13 Amusing Tweets From GS Elevator (SFW)

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