Prefer to hack ‘n’ slash your way through games? Sacred 3 has got your Summer covered!

Yesterday Deep Silver announced the third entry in their Sacred franchise, Sacred 3. The developers say it will feature ‘classic arcade Hack ‘n’ Slash action’ with a focus on co-op play for both offline (2 players) and online (4 players) multiplayer. If you’ve played the previous games you’ll be glad to hear that popular characters are returning, such as Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuhru, and the Safiri. With the addition of a new character Malakhim.

All of the character classes have their own skills and weapons, unique to them, which can be upgraded to match your own preferred combat style. As you battle your way through hordes of enemies, trying to outdo your fellow party members to ‘become the greatest hero of all’, you will be able to track your progress with mission stats and online leaderboards.

Remy van Leeuwen, Brand Manager at Deep Silver, says “The paramount development goal for Sacred 3 has been to create a seamless online and offline co-op experience. By creating a game built around the central concept of co-op gameplay, we’re expanding the series to new audiences without compromising the rich lore and fantasy of the Sacred universe.”

We’ve also been treated to some eye-candy in the form of a CGI trailer, take a peek below.

Hack… slash…!

Sacred 3 will be available this Summer, for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

Are you a fan of the Sacred series? Do prefer playing single player or co-op games? Let us know in the comments below!

images: © Deep Silver