You have great ideas. You are very comfortable pitching them at meetings. But there’s always someone in the room who questions why you want to do something.

Why you didn’t do it ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ instead ? You may even be haunted by that one colleague whose sole purpose in life appears to be to shoot down your ideas, regardless of whether they are rock solid.

Going into defense mode, however, weakens your position – it may even have you spiralling into self-doubt, and make you wish you hadn’t voiced your plan out loud in the first place. But you should always be prepared to be put under the microscope – someone may even point out a blind spot you didn’t consider.

This is about being on your toes, prepared to talk about your latest project plan in the works and why you stand behind it.

The truth is, your managers may need to be persuaded in the value of your game plan.

Here’s 4 reasons why you need to be able to explain your position:

1. It proves you know how management thinks and that you are always prepared for their next question – one step ahead.

2. It helps you handle pushback. If you poke holes at your own ideas beforehand, you can defend it later on when someone chooses to play Devil’s Advocate.

3. It keeps you accountable, helps you think things through, refine and clarify what your end game is.

4. You will avoid being pegged the cowboy who ‘shoots from the hip’. Explaining your position shows people you think rationally, have analyzed every angle and are the real deal as a thought leader.

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image: © Johan Hansson