New Dreamcast 2D shoot em up coming out this month

There's a new 2D Shooter coming out for the Sega Dreamcast. Yes you read that right. 10 years after official support ended.

No your not dreaming and yes the Dreamcast never dies, thanks to German developers NG:Dev.Team it looks like it will continue to flourish long in to the future.

Now, you could be completely forgiven to think that the Sega Dreamcast, the last console made by Sega is a long abandoned piece of hardware, now a mere footnote in the history of video games consoles.

Whilst this is true it also has a thriving community of developers still making games for it and pushing the system to its limits and the latest game titled NEO XYX is certainly doing that.

The game is a traditional vertical scrolling 2D shoot em up (or Schmup as fans of the genre call it) that has already been released on the Neo-Geo MVS format (the arcade cartridge version of the Neo-Geo AES we covered here.)

As with most 2D shooters you’ll need lighting fast reflexes to beat the game as wave upon wave of enemy ships cascade down and around you. If things get too tough, you can use one of your smart bombs, which when fired resembles what looks like a giant tigers head! This clears the screen and grants a small reprieve before the action inevitably ramps up again.

NEO XYX features six stages of glorious 2D arcade game play with over 40 unique enemy types and 11 huge fully animated pixel art bosses. From what we’ve heard so far as well the music is suitably matched to the action. The emphasis on the game is simple, get the highest score possible.

This is definitely one for the collectors out there too (even if your not a fan of the genre) as there will be some (very) limited edition releases of the game which are outlined below.

  • Collector Edition [CE] (limited to 300 units worldwide)

          Beautiful DVD slipcase with LE and RE. A T-shirt, two postcards and 4 stickers

  • Limited Edition [LE] (limited to 1000 units worldwide)

          Game + Soundtrack OST CD

There is also a regular edition and all versions are out on the 17th February 2014.

This is pure unadulterated retro fun and may be worth dusting off your Dreamcast for.

Check out the official trailer and decide for yourself.


image: © Quagmire's Photos

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