Off the record messenger app launched for the business world

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A new app has launched for professionals promising full encryption and destruction of conversations.

When you need to have an off the record conversation with a colleague or business partner you might think meeting in person is as good as it gets as the chances of leaving a trail are quite small.

Well that might be about change with the launch this week of a new app which promises to give professionals a way to do this digitally, a medium which you’d rightly think is normally the last place to have off the record conversations. After all other more established apps have promised this yet screenshots can still be taken if the recipient has nimble fingers which might cause problems for the sender.

So with this in mind it’s no surprise that a team of developers has come up with a more secure version which is aptly named Confide. The messaging app has been created to bring off-the-record professional communication to the digital world and it launched this week on Apple's App Store for iPhone which requires iOS 7 and above.

The free app, designed primarily with professionals in mind allows its users to send private, encrypted and most importantly screenshot-proof messages that truly disappear after they have been sent.

“Spoken words disappear after they’re heard but what you say online remains forever, archived in your permanent, digital history,” said Jon Brod, Co-Founder and President of Confide. “Confide is committed to solving this problem while fostering honest, unfiltered and off-the-record conversations, particularly among professionals and business people.”

The Confide website reports that the app works with any email address and employs end-to-end encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and private. After a message is read, it disappears completely. Messages are revealed within the app by swiping over the words with your finger. This provides additional security and prevents screenshots from being taken by the recipient and a handy read receipt informs you when the message you sent has been read.

“What if all of your in-person meetings and conversations were recorded?” said Howard Lerman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Confide. “You would radically change what you say. That’s happening with online communications today. We created Confide so you can say digitally what you’re willing to say in person, but have been hesitant to put in writing.”

What kind of impact apps such as Confide will have in highly regulated environments is unknown at this time or even be allowed. However, there will always be a need to have open, honest conversations in all kinds and levels of business and this could be a very useful app for many people in business across a multitude of sectors.

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