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With the New Year comes the influx of facebook statuses detailing how they’re going to get in shape and be fit by the end of January.

By the time February rolls round, there are more photos of nights out than updates on how many calories have been burned, so instead of getting red-faced at the gym sport something a little sporty and give the impression that you’re better than the resolution you forgot to follow through.

Be quick on your feet

The most obvious place to start with the sports luxe trend is with footwear. Opt for the classic Adidas Originals trainers to keep up with 80s casuals cool, and you won’t regret the decision to swap your stacked heels for something a little more comfortable.

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Swap the skinnies for something more comfortable

Don’t get me wrong, I love my denim more than the next person, but sometimes you need something a little less bodycon. Swap your figure hugging jeans for some relaxed-fit trousers, and maybe try adding a bit of leather to give a little edge. As the weather gets warmer, incorporate running shorts into your look to keep you cool.

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Kitted out

It doesn’t necessarily means running to your nearest football stadium and demanding this season’s strip, but add a bit of a nod to the sports stars with your jersey. Basketball vests look great tucked into trousers, or worn oversized as a dress, or maybe add a jacket like brit band the Vaccines and stay in style with minimal fuss.

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