The two best Liverpool moments of 2013

Liverpool have had a rollercoaster ride of it in 2013 but which single moment defines the year for the Reds?

Does the 1-0 win over United at Anfield top either of these two?

5-0 at White Hart Lane

Earlier this month Liverpool showed their exceptional quality, their desire and their resilience in securing a sensational result at a ground they have recently struggled at.

Achieved even without captain Steven Gerrard and striker Daniel Sturridge – the performances of Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen were superb. The whole team were fantastic but what that moment demonstrated is that Liverpool can beat top clubs and beat them in the same fashion as the likes of Manchester City – in fact of all the top clubs, the Reds have come the closest to getting a result at the Etihad.

That result at Tottenham showed how far Rodgers’ players have come as individuals and as a unit and how much they’re enjoying playing their football under his leadership. Lest we forget how long its been since everything was going well and the players were enjoying themselves, expressing themselves in that manner. It’s a shift in attitude – you can feel the belief and the positivity that was present in that game and that’s what they musttake with them into the New Yar.

Suarez signs new deal

Also this month, Luis Suarez has signed a massive new contract to keep him at Anfield until 2018 on a wage approaching £200,000 a week. Liverpool have in the space of 12 months of 2013 gone from being an underachieving club insecure about losing its players to a club and a team with drive and ambition and the means to achieve its objectives.

Luis Suarez wants to stay at Liverpool and he’s never been in better form – he’s enjoying being at Anfield – and he’s not the only one either. There’s belief that the Reds are moving in the right direction under Rodgers instead of the reservations that were still palpable back at the start of the year over his leadership. Liverpool have in this one moment when Suarez put pen to paper achieved the realisation of the very concept they’ve been striving for to no avail since Rafael Benitez left and probably prior to that: they have stability.

Stay – East 17

Then came the summer and Arsenal’s attempts to sign Suarez cast confusion over his future at Anfield. The Gunners derisory £40,000,001 bid was of course of little consequence and in the end Liverpool kept their man who stayed to sign a new contract worth £200,000 a week from next year until 2018.

Tubthumping – Chumbawumba

Liverpool are riding high this season after a sensational start for Daniel ‘Danny Boy’ Sturridge and Luis Suarez who is now the leading scorer in the Premier League.