Houzz For the Holidays

West Chin Architechts Long Island Beach House

The slow week in between Christmas and New Year's is the perfect time in which time in which to indulge your fantasies of home.

In my house, Houzz has overtaken Pinterest as the place of interest.

Wondering how to incorporate a TV into your back garden? Here is one of 14,000 photos.

Spinnaker Development Kewanee


Want to open up your house with something even cooler than garage doors? Check out these airplane hangar doors.

West Chin Architechts Long Island Beach House


Want to make the most of small spaces? Try drawers built into stairs.

EL Studio Jenifer St Residence Basement


Want to protect your man house while you're away? These will protect your manuscript.

Princeton Architectural Press


Need some inspiration for creating an art cluster on the wall? This is a two-for-one.

 Visual Linga Wall Art Cluster


If there is a weakness in Houzz, it's the comments, most of which are intended for the user's own records. Others ask particular questions about a photo, and often get a response. But even if you can't stop looking at them, you'll find yourself with a never-ending source of inspiration for your fabulous home.