Controlling the Chaos

Ice Trees

It's the end of the world as we know it. Well, maybe. And if so, temporarily. Regardless, I have vacuumed.

Right now, my family and I are house-bound. But that's not our biggest problem. The biggest problem is the beautiful, ice-sheathed tree in our front yard, some of it hanging in the way of the car, some of it hanging precariously onto our power lines.

Ice Tree And Car


Actually, an even bigger problem is the wind expected to pick up this evening. Earlier today, in the still and quiet that comes after an ice storm has ended, trees around me crackled. Across the road, a branch cracked, fell, and sent shards of ice flying. What havoc a bit of wind will bring.

It's now dark, and we're an oasis of power. A quick survey reveals that 75% of our neighbours are without power, and it feels inevitable we'll join them. Ah, and the lights just flickered.

Ironically, six weeks ago, I got a quote for a backup generator, after Hurricane Sandy woke me up. My dad and I discussed the chances of actually needing one, largely to keep the sump pump, which runs on electricity, and keeps water our of basement, going. We pretty much decided the chances weren't worth the $13,000. That night, we had short, intermittent power outages and a lot of rain. I sat in darkness laughing. Seriously?

My friend, Jill, who also got a quote, ordered one. But here we are, in the worst ice storm Toronto has seen in 30 years, and she doesn't have hers yet. What does that do to our odds? We definitely don't need one now, right? Ugh.

Ice Trees


We're ready for right now, though. Everyone has showered, and the bathtubs are full of water to flush the commodes. I've filled and covered lots of carafes with drinking water, and we have plenty of food and a gas stove. We have two gas fireplaces, and plenty of candles and flashlights. I've done the laundry, tidied up and vacuumed.

What's left? Polishing the silver, of course. Oh! And ordering the backup generator.

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