How to wear Winter Pastels

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Why should we stop ourselves from wearing something just because of the season?

When you think of wearing baby blue, normally the freshness of Spring comes to mind, but with the prevalence of candy coloured coats on the high street means that we’re reassessing this prejudice. We’ve worked out the best ways to stop you from wearing black all Winter long.

The coat

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Probably the easiest way to add a quick boost of colour, update your Winter coat by getting one in a pastel hue, rather than the navy you’re normally guilty of indulging in. Although pink coats have been massive this season (I’m looking at you Zara), don’t underestimate blues or even yellow for something a little cheerier for that dreary commute.

The skirt

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In the warmer months a pastel skirt looks amazing with tanned legs and beachy curls, but there’s a pleasant juxtaposition between the pale hues of your clothing and the 120 denier tights you’ve got on to keep you toasty. Just make sure that you aren’t introducing too many colours (we suggest a white blouse and black shoes) and you’ll be fine.


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If you don’t feel ready to leave the house looking like some walking candyfloss, it’s easy to introduce pastel elements to any outfit. Add a handbag for a quick carry-everywhere accessory, or to keep you cosy wrap yourself in a pale coloured scarf.

Image: courtesy of What Olivia Did