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World Cup draw fraud? - Colombian media suggest fix in draw

Less than a week after the FIFA World Cup draw, there are already suggestions that there was a fix during the process of revealing the groups.

'Semana' the popular Colombian magazine, has put together a video over three minutes long alleging 'how the World Cup draw was fixed'. Here is the video, accompanied by the X Files theme tune of course, which shows the title "La verdad del sorteo del Mundial 2014" - "the truth of the World Cup 2014 draw".

Here is a translation of the video, which is in Spanish...

The draw begins, and Brazil is the first ball in Group 1. It is only some small ball, so it's Cafu who opens. From the 2nd ball with countries, it shows shows Jerome Valcke open up the blue paper from the FIFA ball, but then quickly down to remove the paper with the name of the country. But the papers always come from below [the podium]. He did the same with all the balls in the draw. Look at the difference of showing balls with Fernanda Lima. She opens and shows the paper right there. They allow the positions in the group randomly, so they were not so obvious.

The movement is very evident with the ball of Chile. [Valcke] Opens up, unrolls the paper, and now lowers his hands to grab another paper. Note that when Fernanda Lima shows the papers, as she releases the paper, one of their tips roll up again. While showing Jerome Valcke, no curling. This shows that the papers are not those that are rolled in ball. It was demonstrated that the draw was armed.

This allegation follows on from a suspicious Twitter account called "@FraudeMundial14". The account now has 37,432 followers, and rose to prominence in the social networking world after a string of tweets, dated BEFORE the draw the took place.

Yahoo! also translated another chunk of their tweets, which read; "We profoundly lament that a sport that is so pure is manipulated by an international organisation that acts on its economic interests… We are not trying to rid the World Cup of its excitement and euphoria. However, if this corrupt manipulation goes on we will consider ourselves obliged to publish the name of the winner of the competition, which has already been dictated by Blatter and his company from Switzerland.

"On the other hand, neither is it our intention to ruin all the drama of the World Cup draw. With that in mind, we will only publish the group in which Argentina will play. Let's begin."

Conspiracy theories are released for every known event in the world - the deaths of JFK and  Princess Diana, 9/11, the moon landing and the Roswell incident, to name but a few - and each are open to interpretation, as few have ever been proven. There are a number of ways that the Twitter account could've manipulated results - changing timestamps, creating numerous accounts and deleting incorrect predictions - but the observation of Valcke evidently opening the balls below the podium, unlike his assistant Lima, will set tongues wagging for weeks and months to come.

image: © World Economic Forum

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