German national chief scout Urs Siegenthaler thinks Brazil’s “primal force” will be their best weapon for the upcoming World Cup

The most successful team in the history of the World Cup, as they won five championships, will be one of the favourites to win next years tournament. The host of the World Cup has always a good chance to win it – it is no different with Brazil this year.

Home advantage for Brazil will be huge says German national chief scout Urs Siegenthaler in an interview with Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Brazil’s best weapon for the World Cup won’t be Barcelona’s young gun Neymar or the powerful winger Hulk from Zenit Saint Petersburg?

No, it will be the “primal force” a combination of high temperatures, long distance travel, Brazilians new playing style, their motivation and the specific character of the country Siegenthaler said to back up German national manager Jogi Low, who is on the same page with his chief scout.

Siegenthaler explains: “I have seen at the Confed Cup barely a team that was able to play power football”, because of blistering heat. “Thus teams could benefit from being accustomed to the climatic circumstances.”

The 66-year-old continued to urge caution towads Brazil’s new playing style, by saying: “The Brazilians [at the Confed] have interrupted 90% of every counter attack directly with a tactical foul […] there was only one counter attack against Brazil which came through.”

Opposing teams have to be patient not only on the field but off the field as well. Traffic jams, fire alarms in the night or all of a sudden a newly declared banking holiday.

“One must not get irritated by everyday things,” recommended Siegenthaler and explained: “The hotel does have an air condition , but suddenly there is an electricity cut. There are ATM’s but they aren’t working.”

Siegenthaler proposed to stay calm. In his mind doing so will decide who will win the tournament. “Okay, if it is loud in front of the hotel, then I’m not sleeping but I beat those [guys] tomorrow.”

Will Brazil try to win with cheap tricks? Siegenthaler didn’t say that and he won’t do it publicly. However if you read between the lines you could sense that Brazilians will use their home field advantages to their full extent.

One would have thought that the £44m striker threat from Barcelona, 21-year-old talent Neymar, is going to be the game changer or the £39.5m winger from Zenit Saint Petersburg, with the suitable name Hulk?

Maybe they are. But the so called “primal force” will help them to be even better.

images: © Ronnie Macdonald