Arsene Wenger can deny trade rumours but it’s inevitable: Arsenal need another striker. Introducing Kevin Volland, who could ease Gunners attack pains.

It is the unspoken truth at Emirates Stadium that Arsenal is not set at the striker position. And let’s not jump the Nicklas Bendtner train. He just scored first league goal for Arsenal since 2010 – not a real convincing resume.

Arsene Wenger can deny trade rumours and continue to praise 20-year-old Yaya Sanogo, who is coming off of a back injury, but it’s inevitable: Arsenal need another striker, who takes the pressure of Olivier Giroud.

Introducing Kevin Volland, the striking stud who could ease Arsenals attack pains.

Since the beginning of his professional career his estimated market value only rose making a big leap since he joined Bundesliga’s TSG Hoffenheim 1899 and is now around £10.5m.

Volland recorded six goals in 13 games with three assist, of course his resume has suffered from Hoffenheim’s sloppy season. But in late August and early September Volland scored four goals in four games and as a youth league player he once made 4 goals in one match. 

Sure 360 minutes without netting one it could scare Arsene Wenger but Volland has huge upside at still a reasonable price.

A move to Premier League and to a foreign country could be too early for the 21-year-old. However Arsenal is known as a German enclave with four Germans already in the starting line-up and two more, who are waiting for their chance.

And Volland is a longtime captain in the under 21 national team, so he knows a little about travelling the world and taking over responsibility.

There is no real reason why Volland should stay at TSG Hoffenheim 1899, which is heavily sponsored by one of the founders of SAP but could not establish at the top of Bundesliga.

And if it’s not London it might be Arsenal’s Champions League rival Borussia Dortmund, who have an eye on him. Jurgen Klopp is looking for a replacement for Robert Lewandowski and according to reports Volland is on his list.

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image: © Crystian Cruz