Who's scored the better goals – Sturridge, Suarez or Aguero?

Liverpool strikers Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge currently lead the Premier League scoring along with Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.

An Englishman, an Argentine and a Uruguayan – it sound like the start of a bad joke – but which one of these in-form strikers has scored the better goals? They each have eight a-piece to choose from.

Daniel Sturridge

v Aston Villa (8.5/10)

I’m giving this one a rating of 8/10 due to his determination to make his way around the goalkeeper and then still keep his balance to fire the ball into the roof of the net.

v Swansea (3/10)

This was a pass back from his former teammate Jonjo Shelvey so it gets a low rating although he gets marks for maintaining his concentration to capitalize.

v Stoke (9/10)

This goal was superb – the mark of a striker in full confidence and form – a strike from the edge of the area, through the defender’s open legs and straight past the keeper. It’s got almost everything – technique, range, precision, audacity and brilliance. Great goal.

v Manchester United (3/10)

Another scrappy header from a corner that he caught from a flick on off Martin Skrtel’s head and I’m not sure how much he knew about it. Still, they all count.

v Crystal Palace (8/10)

This was another brilliant goal – the twists the turns, he tricks and pivots, dummies and shimmies and it had the finish to go with it. Superb.

v Newcastle (6/10)

This one gets marks more for determination than anything else – he absolutely busted his gut to get on the end of Suarez’ cross and flew himself right in the net with the ball.

v West Brom (9/10)

Another stunning display of individual brilliance – he dribbles and shifts and does so well to hold off the defender who just can’t touch him and then he just chips the keeper as if it was no effort whatsoever.

TOTAL = 50/80


Luis Suarez

v Southampton (5/10)

This one was fairly routine for a player of Suarez’ quality and finishing technique – bread and butter right footed pass into the net. Simples.

v Southampton (3/10)

Another easy-peasy one for the Reds striker – a simple tap in to make it a brace against the Saints.

v Crystal Palace (7/10)

This one is great due to its improvisational nature – he swipes at it from the floor as he tangles with the defender. He only has eyes for goal.

v West Brom (8/10)

This is more like classic Suarez – he goes past two defenders then gets his head up to fire it past the helpless stopper. Wham. Bam. All in a day’s work.

v West Brom (7/10)

This is no ordinary header – he receives the ball high in the air and just pings it arching into the top of the net. He gets underneath it perfectly and passes it with his head almost as effortlessly as he does with his feet. It’s almost cheeky.

v West Brom (5/10)

This is a fairly simple header from a free kick to make it a hat trick – by this point I think West Brom has given up more or less and they’re barely even marking him. Even though he does well to get up and not under it, it’s not his best work.

v Fulham (7/10)

The intelligence of the player’s movement is what makes this goal great – he holds his run to stay on side and he knows exactly when to shift into that acceleration gear, let the ball drag across him and then soon as he sees sight of the goal it’s all over.

v Fulham (6/10)

He goes around the defender as if he’s not even there and then fires it home. Nothing out of the ordinary though for Luis Suarez – he made it a brace like it’s just another day at the office for him.

TOTAL = 47/80


Sergio Aguero

v Newcastle (7/10)

Aguero knows exactly where the goal is for this one – he doesn’t hesitate and he doesn’t need more than half a chance. Run, touch, whack.

v Manchester United (8/10)

This was a sublime goal in a very important match at a crucial time. But, the gravitas of the occasion aside, it’s a fantastic goal on its own merit. Probably the best left-footed volley we’ll see all season.

v Manchester United (5/10)

This is another fairly simple one – a tap in but he gets marks for the fact he’s continued his run and gets on the end of it.

v Everton (6/10)

A fine finish, nothing too fancy just a sweetly struck left-foot strike and no nonsense.

v West Ham (7/10)

This one is harder than it looks – he holds his run intelligently for what is one of the best passes I’ve seen all season. Really credit has to go to the pass because it’s so immaculately weighted for him but he’s still got a bit to do with the finish.

v West Ham (5/10)

Another header from a man who’s not the tallest on any pitch but then again he’s completely unmarked and it’s a free header so it’s not rocket science but again it’s that right place right time factor that the best strikers always seem to have.

v Chelsea (8/10)

This is his best goal yet – a left-footed long-range belter that’s got that deceptive swerve on it, leaving the Blues stopper with no chance. It’s got power, elegance, and tenacity, which is exactly what Aguero is at his best.

v Norwich (4/10)

This, in contrast, is probably his easiest – Norwich had given up the ghost by this point in their 7-0 thumping and the defender pretty much clears it straight to the Argentine almost as if it were a pass to just get it over with.

TOTAL = 50/80


Even though Aguero is level with Sturridge because his goals were on average equal to the Englishman’s, I think that’s a little harsh on the SAS, especially Sturridge who has, in my estimation, scored at least three contenders for goal of the season already. So, if I had a trophy I’d give it to Sturridge over Aguero.

Best Goal: Sturridge v Stoke

image: © kong niffe

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