Tom Brady blows a fuse and the game as the Panthers beat the Patriots

The usually calm Tom Brady, erupted last night after he saw a controversial penalty overruled in the last second of the match which cost his side a late comeback victory.

He’s normally the coolest guy on the field and a picture of calmness as all around him crash into one another but last night it was Tom Brady who lost the plot and turned on officials after his New England Patriots suffered a 24-20 defeat to the Carolina Panthers.

With just three seconds left on the game clock Brady had the chance to make one more play, he took the ball, stepped back, then forward into the pocket before rifling a pass into the end zone, the ball was aimed at his ‘go-to guy’ Rob Gronkowski but the tight-end was wrapped up by a Panthers’ defender and the ball was intercepted, Carolina had protected their lead.

What followed however was a little controversial however, the line judge threw a flag for pass interference, obviously not happy that Gronkowski was held in his attempt to catch the game-winning pass, but the decision was over ruled by another official who stated that the interception had already been made before the interference therefore rendering it a useless penalty.

Brady stormed off the field, ranting at officials, questioning their right to throw a flag then retract it, especially in such a tight scenario, but in post-match interviews, Brady admitted that he hadn’t seen the flag or indeed how the play unfolded due to pressure after he threw the football.

Indeed it was a game full of late drama after Stephen Gostkowski's 26-yard field goal put the Patriots up 20-17 and with less than three minutes on the game clock, Panthers QB Cam Newton set about a 13-play drive for 83 yards, the last of which saw him throw a 25-yard game-winning touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr.

As he launched the ball deep into the end zone with 59 seconds the stadium erupted but the Panthers still had to hold off the Patriots, this in itself is not an easy task, and as he has done so many times in the past, Brady moved the ball, quickly and with a deadly accuracy to set up the final controversial but unsuccessful play.

The result meant that the Panthers recorded their sixth straight victory and move to 7-3 a mark which the Patriots also stand, both teams will surely make the post season but Brady must keep his cool if he is to add to the three Superbowl rings he already holds.

NFL fans, do you think either the Panthers or the Patriots can win the Superbowl?

image: © Jeffrey Beall

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