Best GIFs of NFL Sunday with Michael Floyd’s 91 yard touchdown catch

Here are the best highlights of week 11 with a great catch and run by Arizona Cardinals' wide out Michael Floyd.

In case you missed NFL Sunday action, here are some of the best highlights.

Is it the blood line, parenting or just hard work? Not sure, but Matt Simms first career six pointer looked pretty good. The son of Phil Simms, former New York Giants Super Bowl quarterback, came into the game after Geno Smith threw three interceptions and had a terrible day.

Sunday, was a stormy day in mid-West America. But don’t blame the weather for bad decisions. Leading the group of fails is Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, who tried a fake field goal instead of taking the easy three points against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers came back and won.

The other big fail recorded Washington’s RGIII, who orchestrated a big comeback but blew his chance to win with this awful interception in the end.

Enough with the fails. Seattle SeahawksDoug Baldwin beating the double team…

and Arizona Cardinals Michael Floyd running for 91 yards. Okay, the Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the worst teams nevertheless Floyd is showing off some nifty moves.

Finishing with two plays of the Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns game: Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, who played quarterback in high school, proved that he can still sling it.

Although is wasn’t ruled a TD: How good is former Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison? And how bad is the Browns offense in tackles?

image: © Matt McGee

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