After a difficult start in which they went 0-6 many Giants fans had given up but things seem to be changing in the Big Apple

As a fan of the New York Giants I have found myself banging my head against the wall on several occasions this season and rightly so, the ‘Big Blue’ started the season with six successive defeats which included losses against NFC East rivals the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, but just when it looked as if all hope was gone the Eli Manning led Giants seem to have turned a corner.

They have won their last three matches against the Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles and last weekend against the Oakland Raiders and continued improvement will see them have a chance of reaching the post-season.

The results of late means that they are only 2 games behind the Cowboys in the NFC East, (who they face on the 24th of November), meaning that this is a deficit which could be further reduced if they beat the Green Bay packers on Sunday night, especially as Dallas have a bye this week.

The first time the Tom Coughlin’s side met Dallas which was on the opening night, they lost 31-36 in a thriller, their undoing however, was the franchise record six interceptions thrown by two-time Superbowl winning MVP Eli Manning, with these mistakes eradicated and the ‘G-Man’s’ defence looking as good as ever there is no reason why the result can’t be reversed in a fortnight’s time.

This week the Giants attention turns to the Packers and in what would normally be a game too tight to call, you would have to say that without injured QB Aaron Rodgers Green Bay will struggle on their travels to the MetLife stadium.

Like many Giants fan’s I’m hoping the return to form lasts and after the pre-season optimism, maybe just maybe we can make it into the post-season.

NFL fans, do you think the Giants can achieve the unthinkable and make it to the post-season?

image: © Mike Morbeck