Best GIFs of Sunday night NFL with one of the luckiest Hail Mary's

Here are the best highlights of the week 10 with probably one of the luckiest Hail Marys in the history of the Cincinnati Bengals.

In case you missed Sunday's night's NFL action, here are some of the best highlights.

Jay Cutler started superbly but had eventually leave the game after suffering a groin injury again. Before that he threw this dime to Brandon Marshall.

Second string quarterback Nick Foles from the Philadelphia Eagles played again like he didn't want to give Michael Vick back his job. However Foles, who threw for 3 TDs, had some help with this one.

The Bengals were very lucky to get this ball. Although why were the Ravens leaving the best WR on the field uncovered?

Two superb examples of ball skill: Golden Tate's one-handed catch ...

 and Andre Johnson's steal.

Drew Brees and the Saints had another fine night. Instead of a GIF for the whole game we choose this one as an example for this week's Saints high octane offense.

 image: © Navin75

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