A look at NFL's trade deadline - who will the big movers be?

With the trade deadline approaching tonight at 9pm GMT there are all sorts of rumours flying around the NFL about a number of players and who they will be playing for at the end of the day.

Wide receivers will be hot property today with a number of teams in the NFL needing some help in that area. There should be some available talent but it is a question of what teams can give up to get the players they want.

Here are a few trades that I think would make sense and a few that, despite being unlikely, would be great to see.

These could happen:

Josh Gordon WR, Cleveland Browns – possible destinations 49ers, Colts, Lions

The Cleveland Browns have been open to many trades this year as they look to build through the draft starting next year.

After trading Trent Richardson earlier in the season, Gordon is their one big offensive star and trading him away would see them receive at least a 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.

If he is to go then a number of teams would be willing to take him, the 49ers, Colts and Lions are all in need of a wide receiver.

In my opinion he will end up at the Colts, who have just suffered the loss of Reggie Wayne. But as a Jets fan I would love to see them pick him up, but that is highly unlikely.

Destination: Indianapolis Colts

Hakeem Nicks WR, New York Giants – possible destinations 49ers, Colts, Lions, Falcons, Ravens

Nicks has been a big part of the Giants successes over the last few seasons but after a difficult start to this season New York could be willing to let Nicks go.

With their record it is likely that they could have a high drat pick next spring so they may only let Nicks go if they can get another first round pick. This would mean they could really strengthen their roster next year by sacrificing Hakeen Nicks this year.

Similar to Josh Gordon, Nicks could be chased by the same group of teams needing a wide receiver. I think Nicks could end up in Atlanta who are currently struggling with no legitimate receiving options, the 49ers will be keeping tabs on this but with Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree coming back from injury they are unlikely to make a move.

Destination: Atlanta Falcons

I thought I’d put in some unlikely trades at this point but ones to keep an eye out for during the offseason.

Jared Allen DE, Minnesota Vikings

Allen is an elite pass rusher and despite his advancing years he is still the top talent on the Vikings defense. With Minnesota struggling this season they may be willing to let him go for a big price in order to become another team planning to build through the draft.

Larry Fitzgerald WR Arizona Cardinals

There has been various rumours swirling around about Fitzgerald leaving the Cardinals and a number of NFL journalists have reported that the Arizona management would be open to trading if the right offer came in.

You would think that the Cardinals would be mad to trade a player of Fitzgerald’s quality but in today’s NFL every player has a price.

Wouldn’t it be great if Larry Fitzgerald was lining up in the green and white of the Jets next season?

Some other players to look out for tonight:

Jairus Byrd – Buffalo Bills

Fred Davis – Washington Redskins

Jason Babin – Jacksonville Jaguars

Greg Little – Cleveland Browns

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