VIDEO: Helmet camera films back flip over a 72 feet Canyon

The back flip by mountain bike pro Kelly McGarry at the Red Bull Rampage was captured with a helmet camera.

Everyone knows that energy drink manufacturer Red Bull tries to take it to another level. 

That was the case for Red Bull Rampage, a mountain bike competition which was organised by the drinks manufacturer from Austria for the eighth time.

In accordance with the company’s tradition this contest provides unlike others some huge difficulties on the road. For normal human beings it is tough to even pass the trails participants use with their bikes to do insane stunts.

Two weeks ago Red Bull Rampage was held in dessert of Utah, USA, a state which is know for its deep canyons. Now more and more video material are slipping through. This could be the best one yet.

The following footage shows Kelly McGarry’s in his final run. 

Hold on and don't fear the height. 


image: © mrlaugh