VIDEO: Brandon Weeden makes the worst throw in NFL history?!

The Cleveland Browns will surely be longing for Brian Hoyer.

The worst throw in NFL history?

There is often a lot of hyperbole and exaggeration when talking about sporting failures. But I sit here racking my brain of the hours of American Football I have consumed to think of a worse pass I have witnessed from a professional QB.

The Situation

Brandon Weeden is leading the Cleveland Browns on a drive in the opponents territory late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions. The Browns trail by seven and are on first and 10.

Weeden, who has been drafted to the position of starting QB after Brian Hoyer was ruled out for the season with a torn knee ligament, had already thrown an interception earlier in the game, but his pick thrown with 4:44 remaining on the clock is one that will live in the memory.

The ball is snapped to Weeden in the shotgun position. He has four seconds in the pocket looking for an open receiver. The defensive line of the Lions breaks through and Weeden is scrambling.

It is hard to describe what happens next and explain how truly terrible it was. A moment of pure, unadulterated rubbish. The sort of throw that would look out of place at a throw around in the park.

Facing the sideline, Weeden attempts what can only be described as a backhand toss that floats like a balloon at a child’s birthday party into the grateful hands of Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy.

It is as much the situation as the pass that makes it so bad. Simply taking the sack in the backfield or throwing out of bounds would have left the Browns in a position to tie the game and set up a thriller.

Yet, with one moment, the game was done and “that Brandon Weeden pick” will live on in the minds of NFL fans... Are Browns fans missing Brian Hoyer now?

Since no words can quite do it justice, here is the video of the offence:

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